2-Pack Mini Ice Cube Mold Trays – 90

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(as of 01/19/2018 )

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During the hot and warm summer season, we usually hit the beach or go out to restaurants and bistros to enjoy a cold beverage.
But if you have these Mini Ice Cube Trays at home, you don’t need to leave the comforts of your home.
You can prepare your own smoothies, juices, or cocktails and share them with your friends.
If you like, you can also use them to serve different kinds of sauces to complete your summer party menu.

Savor the Real Taste of Foods and Drinks!
The materials used in creating these Ice Cube Trays are of the best quality and are FDA-approved.
Thus, all the cubes that you release from the tray won’t have any aftertaste.
Now, you can enjoy and savor the taste of the frozen food or drink you are consuming!

A Space Saver Stackable Design!
Are you thinking of ways on how to effortlessly cool down this summer without having to sacrifice other contents of your freezer?
If that is the case, then you will need the help of these Ice Cube Trays.
Stack them one above the other to be able to create and store more cubes!

Product Features:
⭐ Bundle Savings Pack of 2
⭐ 90 Ice Cubes per Tray
⭐ Easy use and release – Rinse and Twist
⭐ BPA-Free, Food-Grade Material
⭐ Dishwasher Safe
⭐ Durable & Odor Free
⭐ Easy to Clean
⭐ Does Not Crack While Freezing
⭐ Professional Quality
⭐ Stackable
⭐ Size: 10.5″ x ½” x 3 ½” inch.

Stop looking for ice cube trays that don’t serve their purpose.
Better Houseware Mini Ice Cube Trays are just the items you need as they don’t break when frozen.
Place an order today by clicking that orange “Add to Cart” button above and enjoy a cool summer and drink.


  • ❄ THE BEST QUALITY ICE CUBE TRAY YOU’LL WANT TO USE – Admit it. You also experienced breaking an ice cube tray after pulling it out from the freezer and knocking on the counter top to release the cubies. Well, With the Better Houseware Mini Ice Cube Trays, you can create the perfect ice cubes in mini square shapes. And release them with an easy twist of the tray and boom, they are out.
  • ❄ MADE OF BPA-FREE, CHECMICAL FREE FOOD-GRADE MATERIAL – The materials used in this Silicone Ice Maker Plates are among the best, FDA-approved, and 100% BPA-free. Therefore, the cubes pop out free from foul smell and without any aftertaste. Plus, the cubes are sure to fit any shapes of cups! They can be placed in the hot dishwasher and the cold freezer without having to worry about breaking.
  • ❄ CREATE PERFECT SIZED ICE CUBES AND MINI POPSICLES – With a capacity of 90 cube holes, to not too small where the ice will melt easily, and not too big that is difficult to fit in some glasses, using these Mini Ice shaper Trays is fairly easy. In fact, it’s a no-brainer! Simply pour the beverage you want to freeze into every square. Give it a few hours and its done and icy.
  • ❄ VERSATILE & MULTI-PURPOSE FOR HOME AND COMMERCIAL USE – Yes, this is an ice cube mold tray. But that does not limit its use to creating ice alone. You can use it to Freeze baby food, coconut oil, fruits, coffee, or even whiskey. Put wine, pudding, pureed food, and even soda in it! No matter what type of food or beverage you put, Our Mini Ice Cube Trays should keep it intact and cold.
  • ❄ BEST VALUE FOR MONEY – Our Mini Ice Cube Trays are made of excellent-quality materials, giving you the assurance that it won’t leak after several uses. But if you think our product does not work as described or comes with damages upon arrival, let us know. Our support team should entertain your concerns and make sure you stay satisfied with your purchase.


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